Spruce up the Yard This Spring

As a homeowner, you should be sprucing up the yard each spring just like the way you do a thorough cleaning inside of the house. This includes removing debris and dead plants from last year, prepping all areas, and planting new foliage for the coming summer months. Use the following suggestions to help get you started.

Clean It Up

Go around to each flower bed and remove all leaves, sticks, and other debris that has blown in over the winter season. Pull out dead plants from last year, but be careful not to remove bulbs that will still bloom later in the year. Cut back shrubs and bushes that have dead branches. If you have a lake or pond, consult your local lake aeration experts for ways to remove algae.

Prep the Yard

There is more to do then just clean up when you are sprucing the yard up for the coming seasons. Once you have removed all debris and dead plants, you can till the soil in any vegetable gardens and add a new layer of mulch to the flower beds. Mulch helps hold the moisture in, keeps dirt from splattering up onto your siding, and makes everything look neat, tidy, and finished.

Begin Planting

The final step is the fun part. You get to pick out green foliage and flowering plants in a variety of colors. You can use one single color as a theme or go for a rainbow of blooms. When choosing just one color, make sure you have a variety of flowers to avoid a dull and boring appearance. Use one accent color to add interest. Small white flowers are ideal for this.

By sprucing up the yard each spring, you will be able to enjoy your summer months. Once the yard is cleaned, prepped, and new plantings are put in, all you will need to do is weekly maintenance to keep everything looking great. The result is a beautiful exterior that everyone can enjoy.

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