How safe is an automatic door and a manual door?

Before you choose a particular type of door it is very essential for you to know and understand how safe is the door and whether it would suit your home interior designs provided by the manufacturer. You may see different types of doors in automatic type as well as a manual door. The automatic doors are the ones which would open by itself when you reach the place and the manual doors are the ones which you may need to open by yourself. Whenever you see a particular door, your memory would remind about the various features of it which you have seen earlier. You can get to know whether the door is automatic or not by the visual approach. If the door does not get open by itself when you are few feet away from the door then it’s a non -automatic and if it opens then it’s an automatic door.

  • Identify the door type visually

If the door has a knob, handle or a panic hardware device then you should know that it’s a manual one. Sometimes you can even find direction labels either to push or pull over the door. If there is nothing such and if seems to open while you move close then it’s an automatic one. Accidents might happen with both the doors and the only thing which you need to make sure is to be cautious while using the doors.

  • Injuries arising out of an automatic door

Generally, most of the automatic door injuries have happened because of the low maintenance of the door system. It’s important for the owner to inspect the door and provide regular maintenance services. In most of the cases, the users are unaware of the working system of the door and merely due to their negligence, it happened.


Which one is safer – Automatic or the manual door?

It would be very hard to determine which door would be the safest one to use as there are several variables which have to be considered. The general public can use any of these doors and need to make sure to have proper maintenance and installation to be done. If any of these doors are not maintained properly then it would be dangerous for the users. If there are frequently moving heavy objects through the passage then an automatic door would be the best option to go with. Swing doors are more prone to injuries, in general.

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